One snowy day

Begun as a way to pass a snowy winter day in the MidWest, this site contains a compilation of lead sheets (chords and lyrics) from a number of public sources, and in numerous genres. Included are rearrangements and key changes, playable on ukulele (re-entrant tuning), baritone ukulele, guitar, banjo ukulele, and plectrum banjo. Adding Celtic/Welsh/Scottish/Irish songs enhanced my personal enjoyment of the project. The table of lead sheets, including titles and downloads can be sorted by title, key, and genre (click the column headings).

The content of this site and its continual update is intended for my personal use, education, and pleasure, allowing me to access remotely.

In the menu

Linked in the menu are various 3rd party resources, including sites with lead sheets for many thousands of songs, chord charts and capo charts for several instruments. Some linked sites, such as, allow you to change key and change instrument online. Also in the menu is a link to a list of the songs on this site, organized by genre, with composer/author, artist/performer, and year of release of the original; Researching these origins, only some of which I knew, added further interest to the project.

The I-VI-IV-V progression

The I-VI-IV-V song list shows some of the countless songs using this chord progression. Also linked is a beginners medley of songs that can be played using this progression.

Chord and capo charts

Chord charts are offered for multiple instruments and different keys. Capo charts allow the player to easily change keys without changing fingering.

Work in progress

More work/enhancements continue, including additional/‘newer’ songs, redneck songs, country/trail songs, and songs for banjo, bouzouki and a few more instruments.